E135B – Literacy in the Elementary Classroom II – Arizona

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attentional flexibilityWhile E135A addressed early literacy education, this course will address overall literacy skill development from preschool through the eighth grade. This two-course sequence addresses the various components of effective literacy instruction in recognition of the fact that students are more likely to be successful in school and beyond with a solid foundation in literacy skills, based on both reading and writing.

The hallmark of skilled reading is the integration of print with what a person knows about the spoken language. A child who’s learning to read already knows something about spoken language, quite a lot, and their problem is to figure out how print relates to spoken language. A child who is learning to read does not relearn language. They learn how print, this new code, relates to the language they already know. So, we have behavioral studies that showed how closely integrated these codes were.”
(Dr. Mark Seidenberg, University of Wisconsin-Madison)

This course will provide additional strategies for literacy instruction, including teaching reading and writing together, and integrating technology into instruction.